"Take All My Bitcoin" -Banky W Says To Adesuwa As He Gushes Over Her Looks

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Marriage is a great union that was made to last a lifetime. While some people believe marriage is a huge responsibility, others continue to flaunt their partner because they value their presence in their lives.

The love between popular singer Banky W and his wife, Adesuwa, cannot be emphasized, as they both act like two love birds wherever they go.

Photo of Adesuwa and Banky W

Early this year, the couple welcomed their first child, Zaiah, and it appears that their love is growing.

Few minutes ago, Adesuwa shared a beautiful photo of herself with a caption

"Was hungry so I ate this up"Screenshot of the post Adesuwa shared

After she posted it, her followers had a variety of replies, but one that struck out was her husband Banky W's offer to give her all of his Bitcoin. According to Banky W's response to Adesuwa's photo, 

"Take all my Bitcoin"

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