Many people envies the way I make love to my wife - Rev. Ovofour


The head pastor of Anointed Palace Church who is a well-known man of God in Ghana has on Wednesday, September 2021 made a revelation that may be debatable and the talk of the town.

He has expressed surprise as to why people talk about him making love with his wedded wife in public by touching and hitting the wife's backside.

He queried that, are people expecting him to make love with small girls? No! He then lamented that it is because they want to hear this all because of his downfall and to hear in the news that he has done something wrong or breached a law in the country which will never happen in his life.

He continued to relate and made known to his church members that, it is because they want to see your downfall that is why people will never appreciate best things. They want to hear in the news that Rev. Obofour has raped a certain small girl or has snatchedsomeone'ss wife but over his dead body.

The man of God said with a very loud voice that that will never happen. They talk about and condemn him for making love to his wife in public and on the television because he loves his wife and this doesn't call for his arrest, so he will always do that.

Rev. Obofour also made it clear that his best food is not what all people eat. And his favorite food is what someone does not want to come close to even taste the scent of it.

He continued by saying that, he loves his wife and doesn't know why people wants him to only make love to his legally wedded wife in private and not in pubic.