MP Chepkut Takes His Antics A Notch Higher, Pauses For Photos In An Unexpected Place


Ainabkoi Member of Parliament William Chepkut is at it again with his famous social media posts that always ignites laughter among netizens.  This is according to the pictures he has posted on his official Facebook page.  The funny Member of Parliament posted hanging on a tractor driven by young men trying to fetch water in a river at his constituency.  Through these antics, the Member of Parliament has become an online Sensation with active Facebook users having fodder to feed on every time they are on social media.

During the December holidays, the Member of Parliament was captured dancing to the famous Jerusalem the challenge making locals amused.  On another occasion, he went on record in the national assembly delivering a funny speech immediately laughter by members of the National assembly.  At that time he was not bothered at all but continued to deliver his speech until the time he was allocated elapsed.  Political analysts say that it seems politicians in Kenya have devised ways to keep in touch with grassroots voters.

Here are a host of pictures from his Facebook page.Photo courtesy


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