Malala Sends A Public Apology To The Police Force Over His Remarks About Them

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The Kakamega gubernatorial aspirant Cleophas Malala has been trending all over the social media after his remarks about the police force. He alleged that the police is for the unlearned people.

However, the Kakamega senator has now come out and sent a public apology to the police force regretting his utterances that he made on the rally.

However he has said that his remarks were taken in a negative way and out of context and never ment to hurt any police. He has withdrawn the remarks and apologized.

"I wish to withdraw my remarks and apologize to our disciplined forces for the discomfort my remarks have caused." Malala stated

This comes after the EACC warned the politicians and the Aspirants in using words that may cause chaos or discomfort among the Kenyan people as they are running up and down looking for votes in the coming August general election this year.

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