Man Allegedly Forces a Young Girl Into The Act, He Later Escapes Leaving Her Bleeding


A man has left many in sorrow after he allegedly defiled an underage girl then eloped away without being caught. On an information posted on Facebook by one of the very famous police officers Sammy Ondimu Ngare, the man is still under hiding and his wish is to walk and arrest him.

According to Sammy, the scenario took place at Marani, Kissi county where his roots are located. He expresses his sorrow because he has 3 biological daughters and other 12 girls who he has adopted because of various reasons.

The man has not been identified yet, and so he is urging any person who might have seen him or have any information that may lead to his arrest report to him so that stun action is taken towards his sickly acts.

In the past few months, the rate at which young girls are being defiled has increased and reached an alarming level, the government should Intervene and make it more serious to the people committing this crime. It would help curb early pregnancies and help young girls achieve their dreams.

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