Armed robber slashes lady's hand and breast after denying him sex at Pokuase in Greater Accra.

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An armed man has brutally slashed a 25-year-old beautiful lady's hand and breast for refusing him sex at Pokuase in the greater Accra region. The girl is still on admission at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital.

According to the injured victim who spoke to Angel News, She woke up around 4:00am to bath and prepare herself for work in Accra. But she decided to visit the lavatory before bathing. Whiles at the lavatory, this armed robber secretly sneaked through the emergency exit of the house and pleaded to be allowed to ease himself due to stomach upset. The young girl consented and allowed him. Then she went to the bath room. In less than a minute, the man rushed into the bathroom with a sharp cutlass and motioned her to remove her clothes. When she tried to talk in resentment manner, the armed man slashed her hand, butchers her breast and took her phone on the bathroom wall. After that, he run away into the dim night. Then she screamed for help. The landlord and other tenants woke up and rushed her to the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital for emergency treatment. The hospital did surgery on the breast and other parts of her body. She is still going through unbearable pains at the hospital.

According to the landlord, Mr Asafoakye Nii Armah, the armed robbery incident is very rampant in the area due to some criminals who hide themselves under the Pokuase-Kwabenya Interchange Area and rob people in the night. He said, they have officially reported the matter to the Pokuase Police Station on the matter but nothing has been done about it.

The landlord added that, the robbery incident has happened in the area before and that is the more reason he has fenced the house. The robber possibly knows the house very well and used the emergency door instead of the main entrance to sneaked into the house.

The victim is still receiving emergency treatment at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital in the greater Accra region. This is a very sad story.

The girl added that, she has informed her employers about the situation and would take some long leave at home to seek treatment before resuming work.

We wish her speedy recovery. Those living in that part of Accra need police patrol escorts in the night to go home safely after closing from work.

Credit: Angel TV.

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