Here Is Why The SAPS General Was Arrested

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chosen to arraign the SAPS general following the intercession of AfriForum.

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It is asserted that the lady general embarrassed 53-year-old Captain Riana Stander (already Viviers) and others in 2016.

The episode is said to have occurred in November 2016 when the general - who can't be recognized at this stage - visited the SAPS Academy in Oudtshoorn.

As per AfriForum, the general educated Stander and others to remain on the stage and before around 450 volunteers.

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She supposedly offered overly critical comments about Stander's clothing, weight and the shade of her skin.

This was met with praise and cheers from the other enlisted people.

It is guaranteed that the general then, at that point, commented that "the stage was excessively white".

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Stander opened an argument against the official in November 2016.

AfriForum expressed because of the injury and stress achieved by this episode, Stander had been announced restoratively ill suited to serve and is accordingly not generally utilized by the SAPS.

After Solidarity put squeeze on the SAPS, an inner disciplinary hearing was held in 2018 in regards to the lead of the general.

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