Masturbation is healthier and important than sex, see reasons why.


Masturbation is when a male or a female pleasures him or her self to feel good either sexually while sex is when a male and a female comes together to have an intercourse or intimacy. Both feels good for certain people, every one and his or her choice.

In this article, we are going to talk on between masturbation and sex, the one that is healthier. Let's get started then. In the first paragraph, I explained what masturbation and sex is.

Between masturbation and sex, the healthier one is masturbation. The reasons are:

Importance of masturbation over sex

When you have sex instead of masturbation, you may contract Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) because, the person you may have has sex with is having a disease you aren't aware of or you don't know, so when you have sex with that person, you may contract the disease. Thus, masturbation is healthier than sex.

You won't feel guilty or shy when you masturbate but when you have sex, you may feel guilty or shy.

You won't feel squeezed up upon by your partner or someone's weight.

You can stop at anytime without any force from your partner or the person to continue.


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