More Photos Of Houses That Were Built With Bottles


Creativity entails improving and developing yourself to be able to earn and impact others. It is an idea that people can crave for.

Creativity is in different levels, from carving to painting and to building, it all depends on your imagination. Apart from being creative, using your imagination to design and make things out of those imaginations is one of the prerequisites for success.

One thing about creativity is the value it gives to its viewers and users. If your creativity doesn't add value to anyone, then it is not creative enough.

Buildings on the other hand are also creativity in the form of structures. One of the best ways to determine if a certain place is being developed or not is the level of buildings you can see. In a normal country, most buildings are made using bricks, blocks, cement, sand etc. But have you ever seen a building made using bottles? That is what creativity is all about.

This article brings to you some absurd pictures of beautiful houses made with bottles. These buildings were made in different places and by different people.

This particular building was made using plastic bottles of different colors.

Don't be deceived, this building may look like it's made with bricks but if you look closely, those are bottles.

Another form of creativity

Another amusing picture of a magnificent building that was creatively made using bottles.

Which building do you admire the most?

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