Pastor Mensa Otabil Declares, “We Are Taking Over Ghana And Africa." DETAILS

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Dr. Mensa Otabil’s flagship programme dubbed Greater Works is currently on-going and thousands are part of the in-person congregation at the church’s newest mega structure known as ICGC Christ Temple East, aside an even higher number of participants on the various online and social media platforms.

In the third day’s night, of the entire week’s event, which climaxes a whooping 40days prayer and fasting by the ICGC, the event started with an awesome praise and worship experience.

Interestingly, at the later part of the worship and praises, the leader of the praise group, one named Pastor Ella raised the famous song “I am taking over” and the vibrant congregants sang along with the team powerfully and passionately.

Whereas this may well be part of a well-planned choice of songs, it made a whole new level of sense, when Dr. Mensa Otabil took over from the praise team.

In his first statement, he re-hashed the “taking over” chant and passionately affirmed that, they were taking over Ghana and Africa.

With his new auditorium boasting of a huge flat-screen behind him and with the African map flashing on the screen, his was emphatic in this bold confession that, they were indeed taking over.’

Clearly, aside it been a prophetic statement and a well thought out statement of faith, one can clearly assert that, Dr. Mensa Otabil and his ever growing ICGC churches worldwide, have a well thought out plan, to expand its presence on the African continent.

It is worth noting that, Dr. Mensa Otabil’s ministry theme, has consistently been about Africa raising out of the ashes and hence, this new dimension of the church’s focus to expand into Africa may well be well situated in this long lasting perspective of his.

ICGC, which through its Daniel Institute, currently headed by Dr. Mensa Otabil’s daughter Ps. Nhyira Otabil-Allotey and her co-pastor husband, is raising some fine young persons, who are key instruments in planting many of the church’s branches across Ghana, may well be the same instrument, they may use, in strategizing to take over the continent.

We may have to wait for now and await to see social media posts of how ICGC may have well sent out missionaries to the likes of Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria and other Africa countries, to win the lost and provide a spiritual home for the many unchurched as well.

As until then, almost every community in Ghana and across Europe and America, are experiencing a fast rising localized ICGC church plants, with largely young individuals, who once served in the ICGC churches in Ghana but have now travelled outside.

We can only wish Dr. Otabil and his ICGC church’s new endeavour well in this direction. 

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