Jessica Nkosi bullied for showing her "mommy belly"

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Jessica Nkosi bullied for showing her "mommy belly"

While you're here, please follow me.

The TL is painted with beautiful pictures of celebrities flaunting their outfits to Durban July!

There are already a few ideas about the best dressed public figures for the event. Of course, this also comes with critics!

Jessica Nkosi for instance, is amongst the few celebrities who slayed for the event but something else caught tweeps attention.

Her dress was laced at the belly and this meant showing some "mommy belly." Instead of seeing this as an opportunity to embrace and realise that mommy bodies are normal even for celebrities, she was trolled for it.

My eye is stuck on the belly button, this look is a miss including the hair. ladybattafly

They Took This Picture With A Mobicel Camera, Picture Looks Like It Was Taken From A Dream 😭😭 sir_onah

She looks amazing what's happening there by the belly button 🧐 NTHABEETee

Thoughts? Does it make sense that people are holding celebrities at such a high standard, knowing they go through what normal people do?

Thank you for reading. Please leave your comments in the comments section below and I'll engage.

Source: Durban July 2022.


July 02, 2022.

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