Opinion-Looted in His Death, a Grieving Family is Pleading For The Ash of Their Dad Looted in Durban

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The looting which happened in the past few weeks was nothing that anyone was prepared for. The looters took anything and everything they could lay their eyes on. A Durban family is in tears after the looters, took away the most valuable item to them. The family id desperately trying to find a wooden cabin and an urn containing their Father's ash which was stolen during the KwaZulu-Natal riots. Surely whoever took them should be ashamed upon finding the contents therein. People were seen looting coffins things which are not pleasant to play with or touch. Cathy Osmond was informed that her Father Peter Wepener ashes and bequeathed antiques were due to arrive at the Port of Durban.

Cathy is not sure whether the ashes were stolen or burnt and he family is hoping that someone may safely bring them back to them as they are very important. The courier told them that the riots had messed up their agent's depot, and they were trying to arrange the damages caused. Cathy's father passed away after falling and fracturing a humerus in March. The courier service informed Cathy's family that the items have been sent to Durban branch from johannesburg to be loaded into a groupage container.

The goods were still kept at the Durban store before the unrest began. The courier company is working around the clock in their Durban office to find the package, and Cathy's family have been told they will get feed back once something positive surfaces. Their father was staying in an old age home in Gauteng as he was 79 years old. Cathy emigrated to Australia as many of her family members are diseased.

Australia has been on strict Covid lockdown and she could not come over to collect her Father's ashes hence she opted them to be dispatched to her. The family was hoping to gather together once they arrive and grieve their loss and also celebrate their Dad's life. After that they were going scatter the ashes in the Indian Ocean between Africa and Australia. This was going to carry a great meaning for them as a family. The family has since pleaded that in anyone comes across the container they should take it to the nearest police station.

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