Fans React As Nigeria Lady Tattooed Mayorkun Face On Her Stomach

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It is now a trend in Nigeria that fans tattoo their favorite celebreties faces on their body, according to them that's the way they want to show real love to their role models.

Tattoo is made by inserting ink or dye and other pigments. it's a form of body beautifications and it's either indelible or temporary. But some people still say Tattooing is a sin because it's involves changing the natural creation of God, why others just see it as fun, Well it's all depends on your believe if you ask me.

A was shared on Instagram @gossipmillnaija some hours ago it's about a lady who is trending on social media. she tattooed singer mayorkun's face on her stomach hmmmm she really tried I must say. This has stirred alot of mixed reactions from fans as some of them are saying that she's just looking for attention and money but others are saying that the tattoo is not fine and it doesn't resemble the musician.

See screenshot of some reactions from the comment section.

She look like she needs money so badly for for medical treatment he should give her money.

With all the suffer the drawing no look like who Dem won draw... Fat na double wahala!.

For re, where are people that do this from? Like, what kinda homes/ upbringing?

Lack of self worth, low self-esteem, lack of home training, poverty that is what will push someone to tattoo another person's picture or name on their own skin is that love or stupidity it is high time you people should stop disgracing yourself and stop setting bad examples for the young ones.

You should collect your money artist that can't draw.


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