"Kwani Mtakula Hiyo Maiti" Angry Raila Tears Down Hospitals Blocking Corpses Due To The Following

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Opposition leader Raila Odinga has blasted hospital which usually deny kins from taking bodies of their loved ones in the morgue if they have pending bills. Speaking in a burial ceremony, Raila stated that the hospitals were taking advantage since they know families will do anything to have their Kin's body.https://www.facebook.com/channel7newstv/videos/2902394706740785/?app=fbl.

Well for a reason or two, we might have to agree with 'Baba', how many times have we heard of cases were families are denied body's due to pending bills. They always run up and down just to clear the hospital bill have their loved ones buried.

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This scenario's happen and in whichever case some have been affected some have beared witness. In this article i humbly request opinions on what should be done to stop this. Take for example, your relative friend or somebody close to you gets sick. He or she is taken to hospital for treatment and tragedy hits and unluckily doesn't make it, leaving a bill behind and arrangements must be made for burial and at the same time there is mo money. At least a something should be brought up so as to bring solutions to this.

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