EXCLUSIVE | Zuma demands Ramaphosa appoint new State Capture chair, in legal attack on Zondo

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Former President Jacob Zuma has filed a second legal challenge against Acting Chief Justice Raymond Zondo's appointment as the chairwoman of the State Capture Inquiry, just days before the commission's first report is due to be revealed.

Former president Jacob Zuma.

Zuma says that he is challenging Zondo's appointment "as a result of his behaviour toward me after my attempt to gain his recusal."

Zuma is enraged by the commission's successful plea to the Constitutional Court for an order compelling him to appear before it, as well as by the commission's subsequent successful effort to imprison him for contempt of that order. Zuma asserts that both of these petitions reveal that Zondo's behavior toward him was "completely prejudiced and deficient in the norms of impartiality expected of a judge and chairman of a judicial commission of inquiry."

Zuma asserts that the magnitude of the Chairperson's illegal behavior in connection with my attendance [before the commission] necessitates a direct challenge to the legality of his appointment and, subsequently, to the legality of his instructions, judgments, and decisions affecting me.

"I do not intend to be seen as being opposed to any inquiry into corruption, especially one that involves me. I am opposed to one of the highest judicial judges acting in this manner for political expediency under the grounds of an unconstitutional appointment."

Despite the fact that the panel is now finalizing its final findings, Zuma wants that President Cyril Ramaphosa be directed to "... select a new Chairperson to preside over" the soon-to-be-completed probe.

Zuma also wants the Gauteng High Court in Pretoria to declare that "... the Chairperson's judgments, directions, and decisions" are "unconstitutional" and must be set aside.

EXCLUSIVE | Zuma demands Ramaphosa appoint new State Capture chair, in legal attack on Zondo | News24

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