Chelsea Reserve Goalkeepers That Could Take Over After Mendy

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Chelsea is not really known for producing great goalkeepers from their academy, however, this year shows a lot of promise in their goalkeeping section at the club's under 23 level. At Mendy's age, he doesn't have much time at the club and would need a replacement in the coming years.

1. Lucas Bergstorm.

Lucas Bergstrom has been exceptional for Chelsea since his graduation from the under 18 into the under 23. He has managed to keep 2 clean sheets and concede just 19 goals in 13 appearances. Lucas is also very good in the air and has cat like agility, just like Mendy.

2. Teddy Sharman Lowe.

Teddy has not really played much for the reserves as he has been reduced to just 3 appearances. But while he hasn't kept any clean sheet, he has conceded just 6 goals.

3. Ethan Wady.

Ethan Wady, has been second choice goalkeeper for some time and has been impressing since his arrival not so long ago. He has appeared 6 times for the team but has already kept one clean sheet and has conceded 11 times.

Which of these players do you think could become Chelsea's future keeper?, Have you seen them play?, Let me know what you think in the comments section.

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