I used to laugh whenever I heard Christians sing songs of Worship or Praises - Former Occult Man


Brother Emmanuel has narrated some of his activities when he was into occult. The story can be found here: https://www.divinerevelations.info/dreams_and_visions/dilivered_from_the_powers_of_darkness_by_emmanuel_eni.htm

On a certain day, a former occultist was approached by a certain pastor who told him that God had given him a message to be given to him. This occultist had killed many people and had been into it for so many years.

The Pastor then brought out his Bible and started preaching. Afterwards, he asked him to kneel down for prayers. Immediately he started his prayers, the occultist was knocked down by the spirit of God and fell flat. 

He narrated “I struggled up and stood like an iron. I destroyed the iron chairs inside the workshop. I looked outside and saw three of our secret society members, a man and two girls.

They came in human form and moved towards the door but because of the power of God they could not enter.”

He stated that the alarm in the sea alerted them of the trouble he had encountered; and with the T.V, they knew where the problem was and had sent their rescue team from under the sea. He indicated it always happens when any member of the occult runs into trouble. 

He continued “While the Pastor pulled me down on my knees, the other people with him continued praying and binding the demons but they were not specific.

They then asked me if I believed in Jesus Christ, I said nothing. They asked me to call the name of Jesus, I refused. They asked me my own name and I told them.” 

He further indicated how they struggled for hours and released him to go. No spirit was removed from him and went the same way as when he came in.

The following day being Friday, he was invited by the same Pastor to attend their night vigil at the Assemblies of God church.

He continued “the church program started with choruses. We sang until one of the members raised a popular chorus by a particular Christian band. The song talked of the powerlessness of other powers except Jesus' power.”

“Then I started laughing. I laughed because when in the spirit I looked into their lives, almost three quarters of the people singing this chorus were living in sin.

I knew that because of the sins in their lives, they were exposed and could be harmed seriously by these powers.”

He claims that in service, they were four from the sea and were singing and clapping with the so-called Christians. In this particular service, they were very comfortable and even began their evil operations.

He continued “Many started sleeping, choruses were sung weakly and things went zig-zag. At about 2.00 a.m. they called me out to pray for me. As soon as I came out to the front, they started pleading the blood of Jesus.

I stopped them and said: “It is not pleading the blood that is the solution. I am a deep secret society member. If you agree that you can deliver me, then will I kneel down.” 

He indicated that he made those statements without knowing why he said that. He added that the blood of Jesus scares the demons and protects the believer but does not bind demons because binding of demons only takes place when the Christian uses his authority and gives the command.

He continued "as I knelt down, a sister led by the Spirit of God shouted and said: “If you are not worthy, do not come near.” I am sure many did not understand what she meant.

It is dangerous for a Christian living in sin to cast out demons. Many withdrew and a few came out to pray for me. As they started with “In Jesus name,” I heard a big bang inside me and fell on the floor.”

Immediately, he began to run with his chest even though the Christians praying for him never saw what was happening spiritually.

He was running because of the stronger power in the room. Two opposing forces went into action and the atmosphere changed. 

He continued “I suddenly stood up and became very violent. A demon went out of me and possessed a boy in their midst and he started fighting them, trying to rescue me.

The brethren never wasted time with him rather they took him and others who were afraid to the church vestry and locked them inside.”

After many hours, he felt weak. They concluded the prayer and everybody went home.But as soon as he walked out of the church and crossed the road, he became very strong physically. Perhaps some of the demons that left came back.

He continued “I became very angry and decided to take vengeance on the church. I said to myself that for them to do this to me, I was going back to the city to get more powers from others as wicked as myself, and then come back to this city to take vengeance on all the members of the Assembly of God."

It is a dangerous thing for a hypocrite to try to cast out demon. Dear reader, this is not the end of the story. I will continue the story in my future articles to be written.

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