Please For Those Traveling For The Festive Celebration, Take Note Of These 3 States (Details)

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December is around the corner and I strongly believe by now everyone would have been seriously preparing to go home and meet our love ones , majority will be going for wedding while others is going to spend Christmas there .

 Please for those who will be traveling to these three states please these are locations that should be avoided as listed by Wikipedia.

1: Portharcourt : Recently a lot of crimes such as rape, kidnapping,robbery happens in Rivers State although it is also common in other states, but according to Wikipedia Rumuola, Diobu , D-line , Abuloma , Ogbunabali , Ikwerre Road and Borokiri are some of the places in River State that are dangerous, please those aiming to spend their Christmas there should take note .

2: Benin : 419 is always the talk of th day in Benin city mostly at first junction,second junction and third junction, and also places like upper mission, upper sakponba , and Akpakpava are dangerous places , please if you are traveling to these places take note .

3: Kano : When you talk about Kano state it's one of the most populated state in Nigeria. Kano state has become a target for terriorist so one has to Becareful with the way he/she mingles around.


This is an additional bonus for those living in Lagos .

 If you are living in Lagos or you wish to travel there please take note of these places and vehicle.

 * Unmarked Cabs : Everyone is hustling so one have to be careful with the kind of bus they enter to avoid entering the wrong bus as we are in this festive Period avoid public transport which are unmarked for your own good.

* Under bridge : This become a home for criminals, under bridge is one of the populated place in Lagos and please be very careful because of accidents.

*Public Bus : I believe 'One Chance bus' won't be a new thing to anyone, this is festive Period please Becareful with the kind bus you enter .

  I believe this message is very important please comment and share to loves ones so you can save their life too.

Mattewnews40 is using this opportunity to pray for everyone reading this today that you shall not be victim of any circumstances in Jesus name

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