Innocent Kid Captured On Camera Coating Himself With A Container Full Of Pomade


Innocent kid coating himself with a container full of pomade.

Our world is really an interesting place to be. In fact, with the advent of the internet and social media, it would be very strange for anyone to complain of sadness or boredom; since we are always supplied, day-in-day-out, with contents which seems to: surprise, entertain, educate, and inform us.

Kid continues to scoop more of the pomade to coat himself.

A child whose identity is undisclosed was captured on camera coating himself with a container full of pomade. We all know that we apply our pomade to our skins, usually, after taking our baths in order to protect our skins, moisturize our skins etc.; which is usually done with small amounts of the pomades from their container.

Kid innocently coating his head with the pomade.

However, in the case of this kid, he was found to be coating his whole body, even including his head, with a container full of pomade. Indeed we all know kids are innocent and as a result, they sometimes do certain things which when they are not monitored they may cause damage to properties in the house and even maim themselves.

Kid busily scooping more of the pomade.

This is a critical situation of a kid whose parents have left him unmonitored. In fact, thanks to God, if the pomade was to be something which could have damaged or burnt the skin, the kid would have incurred severe damage on his skin.

Therefore parents and guardians should be encouraged to keep eagle eyes on their kids in the house.