Kenyans React To A Photo Of A Trailer That Broke The Bridge.


A bridge is a structure that is build on a physical body such as water, road and valley. The main reason for constructing a bridge is to provide a passage on the obstacle. Bridge are constructed with different designs depending mostly on the main function of the bridge. The earliest bridges were trees or woods which were placed across and someone can pass over the bridge.

In today's bridge it is supposed to be constructed in the best way and the same time engineers should check out for the best bridge. Also each bridge should be labelled on the weight it can carry.

On March 3rd Sikika Road Safety on Facebook posted a picture asking Kenyans to give their views who exactly was to blame.

The picture had a trailer that was passing with its load on and this the bridge broke.

Kenyans on Facebook shared their reaction on Facebook others blaming the driver and others blaming the driver.

According to you who is to be blamed?

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