PHOTOS: Beautiful Children and Wife of Legendary Nollywood/Kannywood Actor, Yakubu

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Some Kannywood actors are happily married with children. In this article, we are going to talk about Yakubu Muhammad and his beautiful family.

Yakubu Muhammad is an actor, singer, and filmmaker in the Hausa film industry. He was born and raised in Bauchi but grew up in Jos where he obtained his first degree in Mass Communication from the University of Jos.

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The talented actor has sung over 100 songs, acted in over 150 Hausa movies, and more than 40 Nollywood films. His notable English films include The Sons of the Caliphate, Queen Amina, Lion Heart, among others.

Yakubu is among the Kannywood actors who have married more than 10 years ago. He is not just a successful actor, he is also a fulfilled father.

The 48-year-old actor got married to the loved of his life, Sadiya Muhammad Booth in 2008, and their union is blessed with three kids (one girl and two boys).

His wife Sadiya is the biological daughter of late actress Zainab Booth, and also a sister to Maryam, Ahmed, and Ramadan Booth who are Kannywood actors.

Nadiya Yakubu Muhammad (firstborn)

Nadiya is the first daughter of Yakubu Mohammad. She was born in Kano about 12 years ago.

Muhammad Yakubu

Muhammad is the second child and first son of Yakubu.

Abdallah is the last child in actor Yakubu's family.

Below is a photograph of Yakubu and his two sons.

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