Heading to work how do I look people were left confused after a lady posted this pic see below

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A working place is a place that has a lot of people and it needs to be respected whether your boss is there or not it must be respected. You can't leave your home saying you're going to look like your going to the groove. How people treat their workplace will surprise you.

Some people leave the I don't care life, only because they go around carrying the I don't care attitude, I understand they say we all have a right to wear whatever we want and there's nothing wrong with that but you have to watch what you wear and where you wear it because how you present yourself to people it's how they will treat you.

A Lady left people in shock after posting a picture of herself dressed like she's going to a groove or somewhere, with the caption HEADING TO WORK HOW DO I LOOK. people were confused as they started asking her where does she work because that dress was so revealing.

Who goes to work dressed like that, the way people were so confused they even started asking her where does she work because no professional company will allow someone to in dressed like that. Women were the ones who were concerned about this dress code and men on the other side looked fine it was like they liked what they were seeing.

Some women even said she is not dressed, and by the look of things she was not even bothered by people's comments as she said nothing, she just posted the picture and left it there for people to comment.

As I said before some people don't care what do you say as long as they are happy, but ladies you need to remember this as well that how you present yourself to people is how they will treat you.

A workplace is a place of work and it must be respected, you can't go to work dressed like your going to the groove and expect people to take you seriously no they won't forget.


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