ODM Ally Alleges Why Uhuru Dumped DP Ruto

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This morning ODM ally decided to let the cat out of the basket by making claims on why President Uhuru Kenyatta dumped his Deputy William Ruto. He recalled the sweet days during their first time in office where the two were inseparable like siamese twins. They were always seen in white shirts, matched red ties that was a symbol of power with the sleeves of the shirts rolled up.

Their slogan has also not been forgotten that is 'Yangu Kumi Ya Ruto Kumi'. However, things changed with time and the cordial working relationship between the two has been lost. Professor Makau Mutua alleged that Ruto cannot be trusted with power. He said that Ruto cannot protect the Central Kenya elite who hold on to economic power. He stated that DP Ruto can easily turn to be a dictator just like former president, Omar Al-Bashir, the Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni who is also a close friend to him and like former US President Donald Trump who refused to concede defeat.

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