Brown Mauzo Blasted After Being Heard Singing Otile Brown's Song 'Baby Love', Vera Sidika Reacts


Brown Mauzo is a Kenyan musician and song writer popularly known for dedicating his song 'Utanizalia' to his wife socialite Vera Sidika and their unborn child.

The duo have been seen on different occasions enjoying their lives together ever since the socialite conceived. He does everything for her.

For example massaging her legs, cooking for her and today he was heard singing for her the song "baby love" which was dedicated to her by her ex boyfriend Otile Brown.

The video was posted by Vera on her Instagram stories but it has not received the welcome she was expecting, this is because people have blasted her husband Mauzo you by telling him to make his own songs.

Vera Sidika could not let it go after netizens attacked her husband and wrote on her Instagram stories,

"It's only wicked people who would turn a good thing/pure intentions into hate and foolishness."

Below are some of the Reactions from netizens

Link of Brown Mauzo singing

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