Family Goals: Why is John Dumelo missing in recent family pictures?



Family is everyone’s dream. No one is an island and also no one can leave on his own. That is why everyone needs a family. Many a time, celebrities showcase their family to their fans. One actor whose family has recently shown their photos to fans on social media is John Dumelo. 

John Dumelo is an actor, a politician and a farmer. He is highly respected and loved by many Ghanaians. He has cemented his name in the annals of the Ghanaian movie industry. 

His wife’s name is Gifty Mawunya Nkornu. Their marriage was highly talked about because of the glamour and glitz that accompanied it. Also, many of the movie actors and actresses as well as celebrities from all the creative arts fraternity graced the occasion. They are blessed with a boy who has been named after Dumelo. Their son is called John Dumelo Jnr. 

The wife and child of the actor posted a picture where they were seen having fun and also strolling in the sun. This got the attention of many netizens to ask, the where about of the man, Dumelo. But as it stands now, people are of the view that, because of his busy schedules, he is probably somewhere working. 

John Dumelo has won many awards to his credit, he won the Best Actor in a Lead Role in the the Ghana Movie Awards in 2013. As a farmer too, he has a farm where he has employed many people. He uses his leverage to educate the youth to get into farming. He is an ardent believer of youth in agriculture. As a politician, he also wanted to become MP for Ayawaso. 

As an actor, he has starred in many movies and also acted with many prominent actors in Ghana and Nigeria. 

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