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We may all be created in the image of God and may be called children of God but we may not all spend eternity with Him in His kingdom after leaving earth. According to the Universalist, everybody irrespective of their lives on earth will ultimately be saved to be with God forever. This however is a great lie prepared from the pits of hell to deceive many into doing the right thing whiles alive on earth. And so who are those who the kingdom of God belongs to?

The kingdom of God belongs to those who are poor in spirit according to the words of Jesus Christ in Matthew 5:3. Another Bible version calls such people as the afflicted or humble. Therefore it takes humility for one to possess the kingdom of God. In our day and age humility is such a rare commodity in an era where we tout the so-called human right instead of God’s will. We fight for our own course and wouldn’t let anybody come between us and our desired objectives. We will not let others cheat us or have the better of us. We feel big and bossy about ourselves and our achievements. But cautioned us to turn the other cheek when we got slapped or to give out our tunic addition to losing our coat.

According to the Matthew Henry Commentary, poverty in spirit is put first among the Christian graces. Thus the foundation of all other graces is laid in humility. Poor in spirit means that just like the material or financial pauper is dependent on others for their source of supply, those poor spiritually are also deprived of any spiritual state of being and therefore making God the source of their strength. They are heavily dependent on God for their spiritual well-being. This spiritual state of depravity infers that one feels a need for forgiveness out of his state of helplessness. They see nothing spiritually good in themselves and thus cry out to God for their deliverance. As Michael W. Smith will sing, they reach out to God saying, Lord “Save me from myself”.

But if one feels spiritually complete in themselves and thus feel no need for help then we have a major problem here. No one is spiritually there yet and none ever can attain that spiritual state of perfection until they are glorified or depart from this life. The process of Christian growth is not a one-time event. It is a process theologically referred to as Sanctification. It posit that Christian growth is to be consistently progressive towards that moment of perfection which comes at death. Therefore one grows from grace to grace daily in spiritual maturity. And we do so depending on the power of God to make that possible. It is like the tax collector who was so ashamed of his sins so much that he couldn’t even lift up his eyes to God but to beat his chest asking for God’s mercy and forgiveness. This is really a person poor in spirit. However the so-called religiously inclined Pharisee was so full of himself to the point of boasting of his spiritual acumen and credentials so that he looked down on the tax collector and Jesus said that before God he was just a noisemaker. He got nothing from God because he was so prideful.

Another example of this state of being poor in spirit is that of Mary the prostitute who went to Jesus to anoint His feet with tears, flagrance and her hair. Her state of remorselessness disposed her to be considered as spiritually poor. The truth is that we are worthless in our own self-righteousness or capacity but becomes everything when we depend fully on God in all things. In the kingdom of God the currency for receiving blessings is humility. Bible even says in James 4:7 that God resist the proud but grants grace to the humble.

It doesn’t matter how much we fast or pray, how much we preach the word or do acts of charity, it doesn’t matter if we tithe regularly or give to God’s work, we need to always be mindful of the fact that to please God, transcends our own personal efforts. Yes we have an all-important task to pursue righteousness but whatever we do in the name of God must be done with the heart of humility knowing that God is the source of our strength. We should also be mindful of our motives for doing what we do so as to be in right standing with Him. We should not regard ourselves too highly than we ought to so as not to be ahead of God or full of ourselves. As we observe these virtues, we will find ourselves in the kingdom of God since it belongs to those who are indeed poor in spirit. May God help us to walk in true spirit  of humility.

Prince Eric Opare 

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