People With Extraordinary Body Features That Will Leave You Mouth Wide Open


Different people have different capabilities and that's why people are never the same since some have bigger capabilities while others can do it in a unique way.

However, there is a group of people who can be regarded as extraordinary from the way they were born or have added with different unique features.

In this article we are to look at some of those people that you'll find it hard to believe that they actually exist.

Nick Stanley

Nick Stanley is an ordinary guy but when he opens his mouth tongue out you can ran away. Nick has a Giant tongue measured at 10cm long.


Ibrahim is one of the biggest Men on the planner and his has the Biggest feet in the world. It's hard for him to get into any shop and get a shoe of his size.


Lionel is the Tallest man with the longest fingers in history. Lionel is in the Guinness book of world records. He is the tallest man 2.59 m and has the longest fingers 31 cm.

Hans Langseth

World's longest beard measures over 17 feet in length.

Vivian Wheeler

Are you a man, do you have beards ? How long are they? Have you ever seen a lady with beared? Well, Vivian Wheeler has longest beard that a woman has ever had and is measured at 25.5 cm.

Xie Qiuping

When you travel to Northwestern Thailand and Southeastern Myanmar, you'll find an interesting culture where women wear big rings that enlarges their neck.

Having said that, meet Xie Qiuping a lady who who holds the record of the longest human neck.