Jobs that Require No Training or Capital in Kenya with daily profits

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There are many jobs that can help you to make an income. Some jobs need formal training and skills while others do not. To survive in 2021, Kenyans should focus on some easier ways to make an income. Unemployed people can live a fulfilling life without falling into debts. The following are some business ideas that do not need skills in 2021.

1. Cleaning Clothes

If you live near an estate, cleaning clothes is a lucrative business. You can make a regular income by helping people to clean their clothes. It is easy, you only need to visit a homestead and request them if they have clothes they would want you to help them in cleaning.

You can't miss at least two homesteads where you can get a job. In most places, many people pay Ksh 300. In a day you can get two homesteads and you can make Ksh 600 at the end of the day.

2. Garden Work

Working as a garden laborer is a profitable job, especially in rural areas. Most of garden jobs are available in places where people depend on farming. They are mostly available during planting and harvesting periods. There are a variety of farm jobs and charges vary from one job to the other. However, many people pay depending on the numbers of hours one has worked.

3. Distributing Ready Food in Construction Sites

The food business is a lucrative business and it is currently on demand. People working in construction sites and offices make food orders during lunchtime. You can start preparing food in your home and distributing it to people at their workplaces.

It is one business you are sure you cannot lack customers. You only need to prepare a variety of food and people can choose what to eat when you deliver the food.  

4. Helping in Filling Matatus in Bus Stops

You must have seen some people whose work is to fill matatus at bus stops by shouting. They are paid for every matatu they help to fill in passengers. It is an easy job that does not require any capital. Make sure you are polite to passengers and they will be willing to board the matatu you are helping fill.

Although this job is considered to for the hooligans, you can make a living from it. Also, make sure to make friendship with matatu conductors and drivers. 

5. Matatu Conductor

This is a lucrative business idea that does not require any training or capital. Maybe you only need some basic mathematics knowledge in addition and subtraction. Your work will be helping the driver to pick and drop passengers, collect money from passengers and giving them back their balance.

Many are the times when conductors make more money than the drivers. It is for this reason many people prefer to be conductors than drivers.  

6. Cleaning Vehicles

You can work in a car wash to help in cleaning vehicles. This is a job that does not require any training. Also, if you have access to water, you can start cleaning cars with only soap.

Many people who own car wash started by cleaning cars besides the road and saved enough to start a car wash. Let the car owners know that you offer car cleaning services and with time, you will start getting clients.

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