Zora; Nana Was Pregnant Before 'Meeting' With Oliver

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In the series,Nana is still imagining what Loretta told her concerning the pregnancy she is carrying. Nana is counting days Oliver was with her before he died, unfortunately Nana gets to know that she was pregnant even before she went to bed with Oliver Chibale. This only means that the baby she is carrying does not belong to Oliver.

This Simply means that,It's either Madiba who is the father of the unborn child or some other boyfriends of Nana before he engaged to Oliver. As we all know,Nana was Madiba's lover before Oliver took her away,this was after the wedding of Madiba and Nana was immediately stopped by Zora

The question still remains,Will Nana still be in Oliver's big house after the family realizes that she is not carrying Oliver's child? Share your comment on this and don't forget to follow me for the latest updates especially society and breaking news in Kenya.

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