Opinion: Reason Why Most Ghanaians Fail To Retire At Age 60


The government of Ghana needs to really focus much attention on the public work sector.

Most workers who have reach the age of sixty years are still working in the public sector. They reduce their ages and pretend to be less than 60 years. Meanwhile they may be sixty five years or even more. 

Much attention needs to brought there because thus has made the number of vacancies available for new employment is limited. The youth today cannot find work to do because the whole public sector is full and it is mainly caused by individuals who have reach the age of sixty but refuses to retire.

One reason they refuse to retire also is the fact that, the pension or Social Security monies given to them is very small. So they intend to work and work to gather more cash till they are satisfied.

This needs to be checked in order to reduce the unemployment rate in the country.

These days the youths in the tertiary have no much hope because right after school, they won't get any job, unless they know someone who is a politician or having a big position in a company.

Please this aspect needs to be checked for us and also much attention needs to focused on the monies SSNIT pays to pensioners.


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