Miss Kataluna Enriquez Becomes First Transgender To Win A Beauty Pageant In Nevada USA

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Kataluna Enriquez A Transgender woman who won the Miss Nevada USA pageant will soon be the first openly transgender to snatch herself a crown in a beauty pageant in USA.

The 21 year old took to her IG to share the news, she wrote; '' Huge thank you to everyone who supported me from day one, my community, you are always in my heart. my win is our win. We just made history. Happy pride.''

Miss Kataluna who will also compete in the miss USA pageant in November. The talented Filipina-American health care administrator and fashion designer began competing in transgender pageant in 2016,she also began competing in cisgender pageant in 2020. During her interview with the Las Vegas Review Journal after her historic win, miss kataluna said she wasn't allowed to use either boys or girls restrooms, and faced bullying by her classmates over gender identity.

''Growing up, I was often told that i was not allowed to be myself, or to be in spaces that I wasn't welcome,'' she said. Today I am a proud transgender woman of color. Personally, I 've learned that my differences do not make me less than, it makes me more than.''

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