A Night Club In Nairobi Exposes A Lady Who Used "Mchele" To Rob A Client Up to Kes 180k


A night Club in Utawala, Nairobi known as Avery Lounge exposes a lady who spiked a man's drink stealing from him up to KES 180,000 and other households.

On a late-night post by Avery Lounge, she drugged "Mchele" then transferred Mpesa Ksh 130,000 and 50,000 Kenya Shillings from Equity eazzy banking. the lady also carted away household appliances from the man's house including a 65' TV and a refrigerator.

"Michele" is an urban name for the deadly drug Stilnox which knocks you unconscious that Nairobi prostitutes use to drug men in nightclubs before robbing them.

Though it still remains a question to many on how the lady convince the guy until she was given the Mpesa pin and Equity pin but Police are on the hunt for her and are seeking any information they can get regarding her whereabouts.

Most people who have consumed spiked drinks are unable to recall exactly what happened once they have regained consciousness. They are having a good time one minute and then the lights go out the next. Surviving the event, in most cases, serves as a turning point toward a more sober existence, with victims grateful to be alive.

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