School-Based Assessment(SBA) Replaces Continuous Assessment.


School-Based Assessment with CAPS assessment is a continuous planned process of identifying, gathering, and interpreting information about the performance of learners, using various forms of evaluation. Basically, to get marks for learners during the term and not all in one or two days.

A new school based assessment system(SBA), formally referred to as Continuous Assessment is in use in Ghana as part of the new Educational Reforms. SBA is very effective system for teaching and learning if carried out properly. The new SBA system is designed to provide schools with an internal assessment system that will help schools to achieve the following purposes:

Standardized the practice of internal school-based assessment in all schools in the country.

Provide reduced assessment tasks for each of the primary school subjects.

Provide teachers with guidelines for constructing assessment items/ questions and other assessment tasks.

Introduce standards of achievement in each subject and in each class of the of the school system.

The marks for the SBA should together constitute the School Based Assessment component marked out of 60 percent. The emphasis is to improve students’ learning by encouraging them to perform at a higher level. 

The SBA consist of end of month test, Home work and project.