Remarks From Ledama Olekina Concerning Raila's Rally In Narok County This Coming Saturday

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Ledama Olekina who is the senator for Narok county today tweeted on his twitter page that Baba Raila Odinga will be in Narok South this coming Saturday Jan 22, 2022. Narok is Azimio. you can take that to the bank. We are not leaving anything to chance. Siasa zetu tunapanga mdogo mdogo.

Kaengo tweeted, "Lakini senator tuambiane ukweli,Rao mbona ametulia when his friend Wanjigi you know what he is going through.Isn't this the same betrayal alifanyia Miguna who risked to swear him in back 2017/18? Kind advice to you,don't be emotionally attached to any politician."

Kim tweeted, "Tell the old man the truth, he's going nowhere. He should start acknowledging the fact that someone else will win. You should be advising him on how to accept the results."

Ken tweeted, "This how politicians treat kenyans, from being fed with afflitoxin maize to mercury sugar now they walk around selling damaged goods whose shelf life expired,in the name of govt project."

Imara tweeted, "Raila will never sort out the land disputes in the Maasai region. You will support him, vote for him but in the end he will betray you. Take this to the bank."

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