Famous Azimio Governor Reject Ruto Openly After Dp Revealed He was Secretly Supporting Him

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Famous Marsabit governor, Mohammud Ali has openly denounced deputy president William Ruto hours after a mega visit to his county.

The exchange began on Wednesday when deputy president William Ruto alleged that he Ali was Secretly Supporting him as his favorite presidential candidate.

Dp noted that, the Marsabit governor was supporting him and he was not fully in Azimio.

In a rejoinder, the governor, who is seeking to retain his seat under the Azimio la Umoja umbrella, told off the DP noting that his allegiance to Raila was solid.

He further noted that the ground had shifted and the region was now supporting Raila Odinga as he had more and better plans to steer our economy.

During the tour, Ruto Openly said that a huge number of governors had corruption related cases and were only hiding behind Raila Odinga for protection.

Ruto also threw a jibe at Raila Odinga asking him not to develop a cold feet ahead of elections.

This was after the Azimio wing said they would boycott elections if the manual register was not re introduced back.

Railwas speaking in Kiambu County where he held several rallies, trying to lure in more voters to his basket.

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