Incredible signing by The Reds:Liverpool's Diaz has caused a stir on the media with his latest form

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We bring you the latest on Liverpool's new recruit Luis Diaz and his incredible performance, which has sparked a lot of interest. As you can see in the photo above, the player has been praised by Chelsea legend John Terry.

Jürgen Klopp's recruitment of the Colombian striker is proving to be a good one.

The Colombian striker is making the most of his teammate Roberto Firmino's absence, as his performance is winning over both the coach and the fans.

As long as the team continues to win big games, the new forward can be said to be meeting Roberto Firmino's criteria.

When Firmino returns from injury, football fans across the world are eager to see who will be in the starting lineup between him and Diaz.

We've compiled a list of what Diaz's supporters are saying about him on social media. It is as follows:

@Gabriel Ar Jay said:Give him time, he will definitely bring in the Goals. Just watch him, soon his name will be in the Liverpool Hall Of Fame. What he is doing right now is amazing without him I think,I mean sad to say I don't think the level they are playing will even be close coming this far he is doing alot of Trouble for the opponent's side amazing chap always love to see him play, I know the Goals will start pouring in soon.

@Enzo Marano commented: He is an exceptional player he is going to be just as good as Salah and Mane !!! Another great buy from Liverpool

@Joey Pillay said: This guy Diaz, excellent fit for Liverpool, needs more playing time, he performs like this after playing 2 games ,imagine when he settles down.

@Solomon Alayande said: He should be less selfish, let him play like a team.

@'Weng Fatt said: Positive - 5 lungs, none stop running, good pace and strength, able to find space for a pass in tight situation

Negative - On some situation he should release the ball earlier, need more teamwork, finishing is good but not as good as Mane/Salah/Jota/Firmino, trying to hard to take on players

@Walter Adoli said: In my view he should sit on the bench next game, he is overly trying so hard with every chance he gets and thus wasting so many

@Keith Barton said: Yes Diaz is looking some player and has hit the ground running but Konate has gone under the radar, 22 years old and is an absolute beast, looks like he's been playing in the PL for years

@Mark Jones said: Once he finds his end product he will be immense! His movement and work rate is phenomenal!

@Peace Kayira said: He should also work out for strength and improve his shots

What do you think about the new Liverpool forward?


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