I'm Dying. Kumawood Actress Cries. Goes Blind After Burying Her Cripple Son.

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I'm Dying. Kumawood Actress Cries. Goes Blind After Burying Her Cripple Son. 

Tragic News exuding from the camp of Kumawood star demonstrates that Mrs Mavis Yeboah prevalently known as Maame Gyanwa of Television arrangement Cow and Chicken popularity have somewhat gone visually impaired to his left side eye after specialists analyzed her of retinal vein impediment of her left eye. 

The entertainer Who couldn't hold her tears Cried on Hot FM today beseeching her fans and Ghanians to go to her guide and raise a measure of 10,000 Ghana Cedis since she is passing on gradually. 

As indicated by her, Doctors says in the event that she won't come for the medical procedure her left eye will go daze absolutely and it's reasonable it will influence the correct one as well. 

Maame Gyanwa demonstrated that she have no one and that the individuals she have relinquished as long as she can remember engaging along these lines Ghanians remains her family. So they should support her. 

Maame Gyanwaaa may lose her sight on the off chance that she can't raise GHS 10,000 for medical procedure on the eye. 

Sounding miserable in a selective meeting with Accra-based Hot FM 93.9 FM's Ernestina Afake on Tuesday, November 10, 2020, the 51-year-old stated, she has been analyzed of retinal conduit impediment of her left eye and fears she will go visually impaired should she neglect to raise the said sum. "I need to do a medical procedure to my left side eye, in light of the fact that my vision utilizing the left eye is hazy.

It will be reviewed that Maame Gyanwa lost her solitary child whose leg was excised and became cripple. She cried into Ghanians and President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo gave her 5,000 Ghana Cedis for her child's medical procedure. Be that as it may, sadly he passed on.

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