Wonders Never End~Baringo


The Baringo residence are in a great shock after a giant phyton paid a visit to venom instructor's house. Just two days after he was buried at his home in a place called Kampi Samaki.

This might be the most scaring incident in kenya being visited by a giant snake. However other believe that such incidence exist and should not be much that scary. 

They said that some of the clans have their own guiding spirits in their endeavors being the deceased was a venom instructor then their is a high probability that the visitor was his guiding spirit.

Maybe on the other hand it is a coincidence that the giant phyton was just looking for a cool place to stay or maybe it was water bearing in mind because so parts of Baringo is very hot forcing such creatures to come out of their hiding place.

In the social media, the people's reaction is that the old man maybe have come back in form of a python.Others saying that maybe since the old man was a venom instructor the giant python was presenting it's condolences to the family of the deceased.Since the deceased was friendly to such creatures then it might be the giant phyton was coming to pay the last respect to the deceased.

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