5 Ways To Turn Your Man On When You Are Present

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Flirting is fun, but taking it to the next level is even more fun. There are so many various methods to genuinely turn a man on, regardless of whether you're in a new or old relationship with him.

1. Use his name: It may seem simple, but hearing their names has a powerful effect on individuals. There’s a certain intimacy to using someone’s name to get their attention or stress a point. Even more so than calling someone by their pet name. Instead of calling him boo or babe, look him in the eyes and address him by his given name. It'll astound you with how effective it is.

2. Touch him: Again, it may seem self-evident, but in a relationship, intentional touch is critical. Take his hand in yours and rub it softly. Is he in the kitchen preparing dinner? Take a moment to touch his back or shoulders while you're doing anything else. Intentional touch tells him you're thinking about him and gives him a hint as to where your mind is.

3. Be spontaneous: Spontaneity is an excellent method to turn a guy on. Arrive late to work so you may spend more time in bed together. Ask him if he wants to play hooky with you and invite him to do things last minute if you're not in a relationship with him yet. Utilize spontaneity in whatever form it takes for you and your relationship from time to time. 

4. Be direct: Another way to turn your boyfriend on is to be coy and flirtatious, although the total opposite will also work. When it comes to turning your man on, looking him in the eyes and telling him you want him is extremely effective. Do you want him to be interested in you? Inform him. Whether you and your partner are fresh to each other or have been together for years, a little openness goes a long way.

5. Be flirty: Even if you've been together for a long time, flirtation is always welcome. Flirting is more natural when you're first starting in a relationship and testing the waters with each other, but that doesn't mean it can't happen later on. Flirt with your man frequently and openly.

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