"Government paid me R150K To promote the vaccine, But I will not vaccine "

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Social media is place for fun but sometimes people tend to post something they should not be. Like tik-tok is the most famous social media app 4 videos and this lady posted a video explaining that government gave her R150 000 to promote vaccine she won't get vaccinated because every time she wanted to but there's something that preventing her from doing it. This lady is a YouTube and social media influencer her name is Owami Netshivhazwaulu the link will be provided below exposing government about promoting covid 19 vaccine. 

In this video influencer explaining that her job was so encouraging South African to get vaccinated as soon as possible so number of vaccinated people will rise rapidly. But on this video She explaining that since accepting that R150000 nothing she ever done she hasn't done her job she was supposed to do. 

What is your opinion this news?

Source: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZSeA7QSfv/

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