Two suspects attempted to steal a vehicle at shopping center in Steeldale

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Yesterday in Steel Dale two suspects attempted to steal a car, at the shopping center. A car guard spotted the two suspects and shotted for help from the Fox security.

1 male suspects was apprehended by the Fox security for attempting to steal a vehicle, they fleed the scene with their get away vehicle.

The Fox officer gone into a speed chase with the suspects, after minutes of chasing the team set up spikes for the two suspects. The drove into the spikes set by the officers.

One suspect ran away on foot and into the township and it was difficult to chase him and to prevent putting other residents in danger he was better off without being chased, since his partner was arrested information about his whereabout will be know as the one suspect will be interrogated.

The Fox security apprehended the suspect to the SAPS and investigation will continue and to find the other suspect that fleed on foot, another great day for the officers.

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