See 22 Hilarious Pictures That Will Make You Laugh


One from of pain relief is laughing and this has helped many elevate from their depression to a happy mood even if they are in deep pain caused by an accident or heart break. To get your mood elevated from your depressions and pain, we will be sharing with you guys hilarious pictures to put a smile on your face.

These hilarious pictures have been selected to entertain you, So don't tell me it is not funny ohh because I will have to go and return them.

See hilarious pictures below;

1) Please ohh, You guys should help this my brother.

2) That moment when you are leaving your friend's house and his mother says “You can't go without eating”

3)Some men will wear a boxer for 2 weeks straight and still clean a chair before sitting down. Man who are you fooling?

4) If you're not brave enough to understand this....that's for you.5) If you think you are smart enough just say...

“street boys sha five times”

6) Watching Mr Bean send Chris card to himself.

7) When she's telling you how other men she dated are dogs but she doesn't know you're a German Shepherd.

8)It took me 9 months to see my own parents. Just 2 months in a relationship you already want to see them.

9) I don't care if it was fake account or not. I enjoyed chatting with Beyonce, I even send her some cash.

10) Iphone users will not kill me.11) I will never forget the day my mom drunk hot water, when I was in her womb.

12) Ask a woman what kind of a man she wants then sit and listen how she explains characteristics of non living things.

13) If I'm owing u money stay calm. I just typed Amen on Facebook.

14) When you add water in hand sanitizer to make it more.

15) Where is you face masks?

16) Human beings are not to be trusted.

17) When someone is crying and you don't know what to do.18) When you are drunk and u got to act serious for a second.

19) That feeling we all get when we are passing near a cemetery.20) Most guys have done this many times even if they don't have another pen.

21) Most especially Yoruba wedding ceremonies ohh.

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