How pastors and other offering dependants are suffering amidst COVID-19 storm


Church pastors are having it difficult to provide to their families especially those who didn't have any other source of income. The covid-19 storm has heavily punished the church sectors and most churches maybe closed due to lack of money to pay for monthly rents or pay their workers.

The Covid-19 pandemic has not selected anyone in particular as every employee and employer has felt the overwhelming effect of the virus. It's effects are mostly not the disease but how it has led to the sudden stop of the world by freezing the incomes of most people. The pastors who had invested in the church as business are currently having it rough on the other side. Some people and in specific members of the church are saying that the church had become a revenue generation place for some people and the coronavirus outbreak will separate the 'chuff from the grains,' as they await time to tell.

The adverse conditions has however shown some members of the church approve of their loyalty as they continue to pay their tithes and Sunday contributions inform of offerings. The church members have continued to support their places of worship by using the Mpesa mode of payment and other wireless transaction modes. The country also has greatly lost on revenue collections as the church contributions continue to reduce.

However some of the pastors and servants of the church who have revenues may not feel the financial stretch. If churches won't be opened sooner then tough times ahead are yet to be seen as the offering dependants maybe forced to get other means of survival. 


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