RIP Form two student commits suicide at her boyfriend house in bungoma

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Joan wekesa a 21 year old form two student today committed suicide today morning because she did not want to go back to school. The girl who was spending the night with her boyfriend had missed going to school for two months now and had warned her parents against forcing her to go back to school.

The girl was in a relationship with the man and they were staying together at a rented house. She attempted to commit suicide at her parents house last week after her father had asked her to go back to school but they talked to her and she stopped.

Her mother was later informed that her daughter had been seen spending a night with a local she came and questioned her but the daughter did not respond . The mother went to call her husband and upon returning is when they found the lifeless body of their daughter. What is your opinion do you force a child to go to school even when they don't want to leave a comment below like and share.

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