"Navaa Kwa Raha Zangu" Flaqo Claps Back At A Fan Who Was Criticizing His Sense Of Fashion Online

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Meet the kenyan comedian who goes by his stage name as Flaqo. He is not only a kenyan celebrity but also a media personality, influencer, content creator for both youtube and tiktok, brand ambassador and a comedian. Flaqo rose to fame due to his amazing and humourous videos on tiktok as he has become a famous comedian in the comedy industry. He has had his own share of scandals just like any other celebrity amid his on and off relationship with his girlfriend, Keranta who is a Kenyan female teen influencer.

Earlier on he had a confrontation with a fan who called out on him for loosing his sense of fashion as according to the fan the way he had dressed did not meet the expectations of a celebrity. He went ahead to clap back by saying that he dresses on his own accord and that everyone should mind their own business. He even went ahead to use 'Probox' a type of car that is estimated to be cheap to tell his fan that even though he decided to drive it there is nothing he can do or anyone else. Netizens went ahead to give their opinions on his social media account below

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