"He's Better than Thierry Henry", Chelsea's Fans Claim Ex-player is Better than Henry

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The Blues fans have seen one of their players, as an irreplaceable player in Premier League history. And, they claim and believe that Arsenal's legend is nowhere close to their legend.

Of course, the Blues legend is one of the most dangerous and brilliant players in Premier League history. And no player has been able to break his record in England. As, the player is better and good than Thierry Henry.

Chelsea's fans believe and claim that Dider Drogba is way better and good than Thierry Henry, followed by the Ivory Coast international baller performance in Europe top-5 league, especially in Premier League.

Drogba and Henry comparison always trend online, as the Gunners fans always fight back, under the name of Drogba ain't good as Henry. But, the Chelsea's fans claimed and believed that their very own legend is way better than the Gunners legend.

See Chelsea's fans comment as they claimed Dider Drogba is better than Thierry Henry:-

Christian:- "Drogba is better than Henry. We all know it, all Arsenal's fans know it"

Mod:- "Drogba is better than Thierry Henry. Simple as that"

Alexander:- "Arsenal's fans must be joking. Drogba is twice better than Henry"

Con:- "Henry is good, but Drogba is the best"

Is Dider Drogba really better than Thierry Henry?

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