A 23-years-old speaks about her sugar daddy this is how he ruined her life.

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A lot of young girls see it normal being in relationships with people who are much older than them ,some find themselves in relationships with old men because they want money to afford their lifestyle but at the end it all comes with consequences.

"I met a sugar daddy at a pub and grill when I was 17-years he was generous with money and used it to attract me".

On this article we find a 23-years-old lady from Boksburg who has experience with dating old men and now she wants to advice girls about the side effects of being in a relationship with old.

Unfortunately a year later the sugar daddy convinced her to start selling drugs at school.

"He was doing everything for me so I agreed.He also promised to raise my allowance from R5000 to R7000"she added

The young lady said she began being tired of staying home then she decided to move out and went to stay at Maboneng she even stopped attending school

Life was great until she fell pregnant at the age of 21 and her sugar daddy saw it fit that she should terminate the pregnancy.

He started acting up and the young lady said the man decided to disappear on her,he stopped giving her money ,he was nolonger picking up his calls

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