See Pictures From A Nollywood Movie That Got People Talking On Social Media

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Acting is probably one of the most stressful job one could ever think of. Right from moving from one location to another just to shoot films, to risking of lives. In Hollywood movies, they use stuntman, that is the person who perform all the risky aspects of the movie in case of the original actor.

Nollywood is the term used in referring to Nigerian movie industry. It consists of movies produced inside Nigeria, acted by Nigerians and sometimes foreigners. Nollywood has probably received backlashes in the past for some of their errors in movie production and acting.

Pictures from a scene in a Nollywood movie surfaced online and fans can’t help but noticed another error. In the picture, it clearly shows a woman and man in police uniform probably trying to arrest a criminal by pointing gun at him. The policewoman was seen holding a gun but fans noticed the gun was empty.

Fans reacted to the picture and here are some of the reactions below

What do you think of Nollywood and the production of their movies?

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