'My Hubby Would Beat My Son And I, Urinate On My Hair, Then Do This To Me' Woman Painfully Confesses


Meet Anne Waigego whose mum passed away when she was very young. Her family wasn't well off and after class 7 she was forced to become a househelp.

But while caring out duties she was forcefully Impregnated by her employer. He then kicked her out after discovering that she was expectant. She eventually got married to a man who promised to love and care for her and her son.

Sadly, this was not to be, as he was very violent. He would beat Anne and her son even without provocation. A peculiar thing he used to do was urinate on her hair, every time he violently beat her. He also used his heavy ‘safari boots’ to step on her chest while beating her. This has caused her to suffer a medical chest condition to date.

Anne disclosed that her husband was an armed robbers, a fact she only learnt after a walked away from that marriage. Her hubby used to bring meat home but even after she had prepared the meat he would refuse to eat it. 

She later found out that her husband and his gang used the meat to hide their guns, so as to affect the metal detectors. To this day, Anne swears but to eat meat or even keep long hair.

Here's a link to the full interview: https://youtu.be/iQ0-ZND_PZY

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