Dineo Langa(Kea from The Queen), SA celebrity with killer body, take a look

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Many know her as Kea from The Queen but her real name is Dineo Langa and not actually Kea Khoza. Although I think we have to say Kea Khoza sounds so her and that name just suits her. Unfortunately Dineo was fired from the show last year by the Ferguson's.They never really explained why did Kea die so abruptly in the show.The only thing Dineo Langa told her fans is that she got fired from the show and will not be coming back.

This all happened last year and she is on now on a show on SABC 3 called The Estate and she is obviously killing it.

Dineo is married to Sol Langa and they are such a cute and adorable couple.They are constantly making headlines with their sick matching fashion sense.They are truly an inspiration.Their wedding was so beautiful and we could easily say they are a match made in heaven.

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